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Dating Tips for Man That Guarantee Results

The reason you’re dating someone is because you’re interested in her, right? You also hope that she would be interested in you. No matter what happened to the art of dating, remember that it is still the venue where you can get to know a woman better, and at the same time, it also gives her the chance to know you. If the words that come out of your mouth are not nice, then that will surely not work to your advantage.


The most intimidating moment is the first date, especially for beginners. You can’t help but feel uneasy because you are evaluating each other’s conversational skills, manners and appearances. Most first dates are tough and if you are new to this game, it might appear to your date that you are not a confident person. But there are ways that can minimise your jitters, and following the tips below will help you relax and be more confident during a date.


Tip No. 1: Prepare

There is nothing that can build your confidence better than preparing for your date. A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t make the necessary preparations. Although it will be exciting to not know what’s going to happen, you may not end up where you want to be. The better way is to think of interesting things to do on your date night and plan how to do it and then…just do it. And it would be good to give her an idea of where you are taking her, too. She wouldn’t want to wear high heels if you’re taking her out on a nature trip, would she? But be flexible as well because you don’t really know what really ticks your date.


Tip No. 2: Act Naturally

Yes, you intend to impress her but don’t overdo it. Even if you’re a bit uneasy, force yourself to act and speak naturally.


Tip No. 3: Be On Time

Being there even a bit early will really make a good impression on her. She won’t feel important if she’s the one waiting for you. And who would like to spend time waiting for someone whom you are not even sure will show up? That thought will certainly cross her mind if you don’t show up at the time you have agreed.


Tip No. 3: Movies for Fun; Dinner for Quality time

Do you get my drift? That means if you are trying to check if you’re compatible with your date, then watching a movie for about two hours won’t tell you what she is like and what she’s interested in. But a dinner in a restaurant for two hours will certainly do. The point is: choose a dating activity based on the end result you want to accomplish.


Tip No. 4: End the Date with Class

Assuming that you have driven her home and it’s your first date, offer to walk her to the door. If she refuses, thank her for a wonderful night and say goodbye. If she accedes then feel it out if it’s OK to give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek. If not, a slight hug will be appropriate. Yes, most girls like old-fashioned dating…at least, during the first few dates.


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